About Us

We provide cyber advisory and defense services based on deep business and national security experience, thought leadership, and a network of experienced front line defenders.  Our leadership team:

  • Drove White House cyber security efforts for over a decade and commanded the US Air Force’s cyber warfare capabilities
  • Led one of the largest global corporate cyber uplift programs
  • Pioneered Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and Operational Collaboration concepts

Jim Cummings

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Strategic Collaboration Partners

Cyber Defenders Network

We have built a special cadre of cyber warriors forged in conflict defending our nation’s critical resources and our key communications networks.


With decades of experience, our defenders have:

  • Identified numerous advanced persistent threats
  • Built and operated state-of-the-art cyber operation centers
  • Developed US military cyber defense tactics manuals and corporate defense playbooks
  • Responded to major breaches, restored operations, and built resilient infrastructures
  • Brought justice to international hackers through pristine chain of custody of evidence in multiple successful prosecutions
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Cyber Risk Advisors

Our principals and team have deep experience in meeting cyber challenges for the US government and private industry. Leverage unique approaches to understand cyber risks based on your business, technology environment, potential adversaries and stakeholder requirements. NEXT PEAK can provide expertise in:

Cyber Macro Trends Analysis

Geo Cyber Risk

Cyber Regulatory/Policy Risk

Targeted Attack Risk

Establishing Government Partnerships

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Cyber Defense Assessment & Strategy

Our team has assessed cyber defense practices and developed uplift strategies for national security organizations and global companies—using best practices, international standards and our unique expertise. We can help you develop cyber defense and resiliency roadmaps to achieve your uplift objectives, enabling you to drive down costs and risk through targeted investment.  NEXT PEAK has:

TEAMS with national security and business experience against sophisticated attacks

Deep understanding of geopolitical risks, targeted attacks and cyber analytics

Focus on cost-effective business-driven risk reduction and resiliency uplift

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Cyber Capacity Building

Our principals and Net Defenders have built and operated world-class defenses for businesses and the US government. Leverage these front-line operational experiences to improve your cyber defense and resiliency, preparing management and defenders for a bad cyber day. Enabling your team, NEXT PEAK Cyber Defenders will:

Assist in the implementation of a robust defensive resilient architecture

Embed cutting-edge Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and training

Coach your team on critical expertise gaps

Develop cyber defense and resiliency playbooks

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Cyber Analytics

We know how to leverage your data in order to optimize visualization, automation, and artificial intelligence applications. With a NEXT PEAK assessment, your data can drive business decisions and decrease your risk profile with the highest levels of availability, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. NEXT PEAK can:

Optimize your Data Model

Generate Decision-Quality Data Visualizations

Develop and Implement Robotic Process Automation

Generate Compelling Human-Centered Efficiency-Driving Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

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Cyber Evaluation

Our ethos has always been to train hard, condition for endurance, and be vigilant. Our battle-tested team can evaluate the effectiveness of your defenses and ensure cyber resiliency based on real life experience leading and responding through crisis situations. NEXT PEAK can provide:


Assessments conducted by cyber defense professionals with national security and business experience facing the most sophisticated attacks

Red Teams

Deep understanding of geopolitical risks, countering targeted attacks and advanced cyber analytics


Cyber Defense training programs, provide expert positional training, and establish continuous improvement through focused drills

Stress Tests

Resiliency stress tests to ensure continuous business operations against the highest risk/most challenging threats

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